New Horizons

“New Horizons” is an annual event that serves to inspire and enlighten the Muslim Youth. It aims to help build strong ties between Muslim communities, Islamic organizations, Professional networks and individuals. Mostly student run, we aim to expose young Muslims to a broad variety of perspectives, narratives, and ideas to bridge the gap in the understanding of Islam, increase the cooperation in our communities, and strengthen our commitment to a better society.
This all day event is filled with some of the most profound Muslim speakers, scholars, entertainers, artists and performers in the country (and world), scheduled to hold discussions and share their talents to the participants. The event allows city youth to experience renowned speakers and famous entertainers at an affordable price. It is more than an event, but rather a movement. A movement to awaken the youth. Our prime objective is to empower the Muslim Youth to help them stride in their perspective fields, in result, thrusting the Muslim Community forward in general. New Horizons is a youth conference that has come to be one of the largest gathering of Muslims (especially the youth) in New York City.
Theme: “The Road to Muslimanity”
Facebook New Horizons 3 Alumni
New Horizons 2 (June 5th, 2011)
Theme: “Our Faith, Our Voice”
New Horizons 1 (May 22, 2010)
Theme: “Islam: Our Choice”

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