The Muslim Alliance of New York (MANY) and MUNA Youth presents New Horizons 3

New Horizons is an all-day event with some of the most profound Muslim speakers, scholars, entertainers, artists and performers in the country (and world), scheduled to hold discussions and share their talents to the participants. It’s an annual youth conference that serves to inspire and enlighten the Muslim Youth. It aims to help build strong ties between Muslim communities, Islamic organizations, Professional networks and individuals. It has come to be one of the largest gathering of Muslims (especially the youth) in New York City.

Theme: Muslimanity

“Muslimanity” is a term created by a fellow brother, combining the words “Muslim” and “humanity”, which denotes the concept of social justice in Islam. This year, we want to focus on social consciousness and the ways in which our communities shape us (whether positively or negatively) and the ways we can change our communities. We are all trying to change our condition, purify our hearts and souls and strive towards the righteous path in order to attain Paradise. We are also trying to break barriers, help others do so and ultimately pave the road towards a more God-conscious society.



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Our Sponsors

  • Muslim Ummah of North America
  • Brooklyn Tech MSA
  • American Open University
  • An-Nahda Institute
  • One Ummah Voice
  • ICNA Relief
  • Urban Hijab
  • MUNA Book Service
  • A to Z Clothing (NJ)

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