About Us


Current Leaders for the Year of 2011-2012

Term Begins August 15, 2011 – Ends August 14, 2012

*For Information Regarding Responsibilities and Description of Roles Refer to the Constitution


Executive Committee:

  • President: Sydul Choudhury [Senior at Brooklyn Technical High School, MSA President]
  • Secretary: Nasrin Akter [Senior at Stuyvesant High School, MSA Vice President]
  • Treasurer: Alvi Rahman [Senior at Bronx High School of Science, MSA President]
  • Events Coordinator: Anika Rahman [Senior at High School for Health Professions and Human Services, MSA President]
  • Marketing Director: Eva Jahan [Junior at Brooklyn Technical High School, MSA Events Coordinator]
  • Human Resources/MSA Development: Sajid Hoque [Senior at Francis Lewis High School, MSA Member]

Board of Trustees:

Tasnim Tanim Nabil [Senior at Stony Brook University]

Aminul Islam -Chairman [Sophomore at Stony Brook University]

Muhtasham Ahmad Sifaat [Freshman at Macaulay Honors at CUNY Lehman]


Special Thanks to:

Omar Tarat [Junior at Brooklyn Technical High School, MSA Co-President]

Rustum Sohrab [Webmaster/Graphic Design, MANY Alumni and Co-Founder]

Ashraf Ali [MANY Alumni and Co-Founder]

Batool Chaudhry [Senior at Brooklyn Technical High School]

Fakrul Tushar [Freshman at CUNY City Tech]

Afia Sultana [Senior at Brooklyn Technical High School]



The Muslim Alliance of New York was established in January of 2010 by high school students with an aspiring vision to create a forum to foster the exchange of ideas and dialogue. The goal of Muslim Alliance of New York (MANY) is to unite the leading high school Muslim Students Associations of New York City and to gather with the aim of expanding our knowledge and reaching out to the youth within our community.

Led by the youth and dedicated to the youth, MANY recognizes the importance and significance of young leaders in an active community. Initiating a thirst for participation and organization, the Ummah can take great strides and establish an influential position in society. MANY is here to provide assistance to struggling MSAs as well as those looking to establish MSAs within their schools. Through its meetings, programs and events, MANY’s main purpose is not only to help educate Islam to the youth but also provide an Islamic environment for the Muslim Youth in New York City to thrive in.