Sample MSA Constitution

You can download a PDF of this Sample MSA Constitution [MANY].

Article I: Objectives

To promote an educational and informative outlook on Islam.

  1. To provide a new perspective and show a new angle for life and one’s role in it.
  2. To dissipate the misconceptions about Islam and make students aware of the real aspects of the religion.
  3. To enlighten the second generation of Muslims and non-Muslims through a camaraderie of brotherhood.
  4. Provide a place where students can freely talk about their religion and discuss common problems.

Article II: Meetings

  1. Schedule and location
    1. Meetings will be held once a week unless otherwise scheduled differently due to conflict.
    2. Monday afternoons will be the official day. (Officer meetings may be called unofficially when necessary)
    3. Meetings will be held in room ______
  2. Organization of Meetings
    1. Meetings will begin with an update from the officers to the club members as to what was discussed at the previous meeting.
    2. The secretary will keep a written record of what was discussed at the meeting.
    3. The regular session shall include a topic presented by a group or individual and an open forum style discussion shall follow.
    4. Robert’s Rules of Conduct shall be observed during the course of the meetings.
    5. Meetings shall last approximately one hour.
    6. They shall adjourn with a formal decree and the next meeting date shall be announced upon this time.
    7. There shall be no rude insulting or stereotyping of any religion, faith, or culture regarding its beliefs, practices, or people.

Article III: Membership

  1. Eligibility of membership
    1. Membership is open to all _____ High School students.
    2. Members should maintain a seventy average or above to be eligible to attend meetings.
    3. Eligibility shall be checked after the end of each six weeks grading period.
  2. Dues:
    1. There shall be no membership dues
    2. Contributions shall be collected upon the occasion of a club social or party.

Article IV: Officers

  1. Officer positions
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Reporter
    5. Historian
    6. Responsibilities
      1.                     i.            President:
        1. To facilitate the activities of the club.
        2. To schedule the meetings.
        3. To oversee and conduct meetings.
        4.                  ii.            Vice President
          1. To assume all the roles of the president in case of an absence.
          2. To take the role of the president upon necessity.
          3. To hold the club treasury.
          4.                iii.            Secretary
            1. To keep a record of all the plans the organization has.
            2. To keep a record of all members and their attendance at every meeting
            3.                 iv.            Reporter
              1. To write all the announcements for the morning bulletin.
              2. To advertise the club (posters, etc)
              3. To compose and edit the official club newsletter.
              4.                   v.            Historian
                1. To take photographs at the club meetings and socials.
                2. To compile a scrapbook containing photographs taken and memorabilia collected during that school year.
      2. Eligibility in election for officers
        1.                     i.            Must be an active member previous to being elected.
        2.                  ii.            Should be able to attend almost all meetings.

Article V: Major Events

  1. Ramadan Iftaar:
    1. This event(s) shall be held during the month of Ramadan.
    2. The get-together shall include the breaking of the fast, a historical background, prayer, and socializing.
  2. Religion Symposium:
    1. Sessions shall be conducted in a joint effort among other religion/philosophy clubs and any other group or individuals interested in presenting an aspect of religion or faith.
    2. Sessions shall include an open form discussion and questioning period among groups and speakers concerning such topics as religion, ethics and morality, church vs. state, and philosophy.
  3. Other activities may be held with the approval.


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