Lettering Criteria


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To take advantage of this, it is advised that the Muslim Organization set up a lettering point system. For example, in order for a member to letter, he or she must earn a certain number of points. The points can come from attending a certain number of meetings, events, and activities sponsored by the Organization.

Sample System

Made by Clear Brook High School in Houston, Texas

MSA is a vital part of our high school experience, and its only fair that we include the MSA memory as a patch on our letter jackets (if we have one). Our district (CCISD) has only one qualification for getting a patch for a club (as of yet), and that is to have a merit system. The following is our merit system and why we felt it was essential for our club:

Merit System Method

MSA, in hopes of encouraging the members to get involved, has decided to have a merit system starting the 201o-2012 school year. The merit system follows a system of points. Activities the member participates in will be recorded. To be considered active, a member should regularly come to meetings, and do any of the following. The following is a the point break down for our merit system.

Goal: reach 500 points.

  1. Weekly friday meetings: 10 pts
  2. Attending Monthly Halaqa: 10 pts
  3. Giving girl’s halaqa: 50 pts
  4. **Giving boys Halaqa: 25 pts
  5. Giving Khutbah (Boys Only): 10 pts
  6. Making posters/Fliers etc…: 2 pts
  7. Volunteering: 5 pts/hr
  8. Fundraising: 5 pts
  9. Group Activites: (Homecoming activities, Carnival, Masjid events): 10 pts/hr

**The boys halaqa earns less points the brothers have the choice of giving the khutbah.


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Ashraf Ali